More Joy, Less Junk!

Check out these solutions to holiday waste and buy smart and thoughtful gifts:

1.  Reduce wrapping waste

  • repurpose calendars, catalogs, other paper for wrapping, or reuse wrapping paper
  • If buying wrapping paper, look for high percentage of post-consumer-waste recycled content
  • Skip the ribbons and bows and go for a sprig of holly or a flower instead
  • Recycle packing peanuts at your local shipping store, and ask your friends and family to please consider packing alternatives next time
2.  Instead of wrapping a present:
  • Give to a reputable charity in honor of friends and family 
  • Give your time or experiences over things
  • Give gift cards
3.  Greener gadget giving 
  • Know your e-waste and take it to a recycling location – try
  • Choose rechargeable batteries for toys
4.  Reducing waste = reducing your holiday carbon “hoof”print
  • Buy local – for food and gifts
  • If traveling, consider purchasing carbon offsets
5.  Food waste is the major ingredient to landfills in the U.S.  New landfill recipe = Keep food waste to a minimum – send guests home with leftovers in reusable containers, and compost food scraps

6.  Spread green holiday cheer
  • Tell stores why you will pass on a plastic or paper bag; you have a reusable
  • Ask your favorite companies to reduce their packaging
  • Unsubscribe from mail-order catalogs 
  • Support campaigns to reduce single-use plastics (e.g. bag bans, EPR, etc.)
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