It's like, thunder! And lightening!

The continuing storms replete with intermittent thunder and lightening have caused the sea lions to react by jumping off the platforms, swimming porpoise-style around them in a circular pattern and then jumping back on again. With the males preparing for mating season evidenced by lots of "king of the dock" behavior, the reaction to the storm turned the game into one of follow the leader, with the more dominant animal leading the others around and around. 

The sea lions were once again joined by a lone harbor seal but as usual did not interact with it. Harbor seals near PIER 39 are the exception rather than the rule. Speaking of other marine mammals...

Not ignoring the elephant (seal)

A Sea Lion Center fan recently inquired about sightings of elephant seals nearby. We have yet to observe this creature and don't expect to. In general, elephant seals are not big fans of humans, and are also mostly pelagic (open ocean dwellers). They spend a majority of their lives at the open sea away from the coastlines, only coming back for breeding which lasts 3-4 months and their catastrophic molt that happens for about 1 month. We also believe that elephant seals tend to return to known beaches and haul outs, and PIER 39 would be exploratory.
Sea Lions are considered “opportunistic feeders,” eating available prey rather than one species.
The average life span of a California Sea Lion is 20–25 years.