Our Naturalists at the Sea Lion Center

Come and talk to our naturalist at the Sea Lion Center to learn more about the sea lions. The naturalists will give free presentations at the Sea Lion Center and K-Dock from 10am – 5pm daily, spending 30 minutes of each hour with you at K-dock, and the other 30 minutes giving presentations inside the Sea Lion Center and interpreting the exhibits.

Join our Naturalists for free presentations every hour on the half hour starting at 10:30 am. Our professional Naturalists will deliver a presentation from the following 4 chats:

Sea Lion Shenanigans:

Learn all about the boisterous pinnipeds outside including their adaptations, behaviors, and importance to the San Francisco Bay ecosystem and us!

Sea Lions and the Ghosts Below:

Dive in and learn about the amazing adaptations of the California Sea Lions as well as the impacts different fishing methods have on marine life and us. Learn about some innovative solutions to the increasing problem of marine debris and how you can get involved.

Fishing For Our Future:

Join us at the “Bay Café” and test your knowledge on sustainable seafood with our Naturalists during this fun interactive presentation. Learn how some seafood choices are better than others and what we can do to help.

What's For Dinner?:

Come on a journey and learn the brief history about the Sea Lions at PIER 39, why they stay, why we need them, and why they need us!


The average life span of a California Sea Lion is 20–25 years.
Sea Lions are considered “opportunistic feeders,” eating available prey rather than one species.