Planet Blue Hullabaloo 

Join us to celebrate the return of the California sea lions back to K-Dock on PIER 39!
Every year, these boisterous pinnipeds leave San Francisco to spend their summers down south for breeding season. Join us at the Sea Lion Center to celebrate their return, while also celebrating ways to protect their environment! Make a bird feeder or a decorative flower for your end of summer sustainable party, catch free presentations, and of course, enjoy the sea lions and all of their shenanigans.
Take a look at our special presentation schedule below:

Welcome Back Sea Lion Shenanigans!
10:30 am & 4:30 pm
Every summer, male California sea lions migrate down south to mate, and make their way back in August. Time to celebrate! 

Party for Planet Blue
11:30 am
Learn how to throw a party and save sea lions at the same time!

Sea Lions and the Ghosts Below
12:30 pm & 3:30 pm
Sea lions face more than just white sharks in the water – they also face ghosts! Learn more about ghost fishing, and how it affects sea lions.

Gardens for Sea Lions
2:30 pm
Find out how your gardening affects sea lions, and learn how to make a “green” bird feeder.

Sea Lions and Friends Movie
1:30 pm
Sea lions have an interesting relationship with white sharks. Watch the Sea Lions and Friends movie to find out more about sea lions and sharks.


The average life span of a California Sea Lion is 20–25 years.
Sea Lions are considered “opportunistic feeders,” eating available prey rather than one species.